The liberation of lost luggage



Excited is an understatement as we boarded our flight in Melbourne Australia heading for Havana Cuba in June 2015.

Having prepared for our 6 week trip for the last few months leading up and lets be honest the trip had been in the pipe line and being planned for about 12 months before hand.

I was wetting my pants to get on a plane to hit my favorite part of the world. I had pintrest boards for each destination; I had researched hostels, bought some cute new clothes (for all the cool hipster photos we would take in tropical places lol). I was ready for an adventure!

So we boarded in Melbourne and then….. get ready for the glamour, we went from


I have more recently been told by a wise (wealthy man) you can always make money but you cannot make time! I now realise that this flight path although cheaper it was not the smartest flight path…. It may also have been why my bag didn’t arrive with us at the other end. Although my partners did….. in saying that I had a brand new backpack (that I honestly couldn’t quite remember what it looked like after that long haul flight) which brings me to point number 1.

IMG_01451. Take a photo of your bag: now that I have been through the rigmarole of insurances and trying to recall what I packed all those weeks ago. Take photos of the contents as well! It will save you doing what I am still doing and thinking where is that top…. ‘oh god it must have been in my bag!’ over 12 months later!

2. Have a tag with your details on your bag: This is
one thing I am kicking myself about- I have always had a tag on my bag with Name, address and contact number on it. But being a brand spanking new bag that I had just got I had not managed to get around to putting a tag on it!

3. Pack some of your stuff with your travel buddy and vice verse. Adam and I had swapped an outfit and underwear with each other which when landing in Cuba with no bags was an absolute lifesaver!

4. Don’t get caught up with what your packing! At the end of the day you don’t need all that stuff! I managed for 6 weeks with nothing I had originally packed and it was an incredibly liberating experience.

IMG_08415. Pack your camera charger in your hand luggage! This was THE most frustrating part of not having my luggage! My camera charger, which was an Olympus, was impossible to find overseas or even borrow when in hostels- I was lucky enough to find TWO pople over this time that had the same camera and was able to charge overnight but lesson learnt! Pack your charger in your hand luggage and/or get a GOPRO or something that everyone carries to avoid this heartbreak! Nothing worse than being camera shy on holidays due to battery level!

Finally if you lose your bag (I feel ya!) make sure you save receipts for everything trips in taxis to and from airports trying to find your luggage, clothes, underwear everything. Try not to get your hopes up about what your insurance will give you back. My insurance covered $3000 AUD which if you break down your luggage (especially as a female) underwear, bras, shoes, bathers, brand new bag, clothes, toiletries and enough medications for a small army, This $3000 disappears faster than you can imagine and they are not paying you 1cent over what your covered for

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