Sunsets in Santorini


After a slight mishap thanks to Croatian airlines forcing me to sleep in Rome airport I finally arrived in Santorini bypassing Athens all together. I had no accommodation booked so took a bus the to main town to find an Internet cafe.

After many frappes and frustration trying to find accommodation I decided I would treat myself to a private room in a family owned hotel/mini resortI caught a taxi half an hour to Oia and found myself virtually in the arms of my Santorini mumma- Anna. Anna was a god send! She looked after me so well gave me fruit and orange juice and sent me to the pool to wind down after my minor ordeal! Once I had relaxed I took myself out for dinner in a small tavern. As I wandered back to Anna’s safe haven I  stumbled (not literally although I had demolished a carafe of local wine) across a gorgeous (way out of my budget) designer store. The owner… A Melbourne man from Toorak we rambled about melbourne and his fantastic lifestyle here and then i made my way home.  


The following day I decided to explore but did not get far, at the same store from the previous night the assistant recognized me and told me to sit down in the shade with her because the store was quiet. This girl Irene- real name Salma was my new bestfriend , she gave me a Heineken and said wait until I’m on my break and I’ll take you swimming. I later found out this gorgeous girls family originates from Argentina but she grew up in Athens, she is working the summer in Santorini.

She took me to a swimming spot past the old castle where everyone watches the sun set, down 200odd steps and it was amazing. Would never have found it with out her. Crystal clear water with a few of the red cliffs of Oia and a small island within swimming distance that had a church on it. I did not swim out to the island being the safety sally that I am I wanted to keep an eye on my belongings!
We stopped and ate a (as fresh as they come) sea food lunch including octupus sakanaki, giant prawns and a Greek salad. It was then time to head back up the cliff. You would think after a lunch like that you would benefit from walking 200odd steps… I don’t think so! We rode a Donkey back up the steps which for some reason I found hilarious and could not stop laughing the entire time. My poor donkey nearly ran out of gas once or twice but he got me to the top in one piece!

The beauty of travelling alone is that you meet the most amazing people on a whim! In the same token you meet some odd characters too. Pick and choose as you will and you will end up with a myriad of people around the world with whom you share very fond memories.

I was the laziest tourist going around in Santorini I did not leave the town of Oia except when I arrived in Thira and when depart tomorrow from the port. It is the first place I have relaxed and not felt as though I needed to see anything or be anywhere. Oia was so impeciablly beautiful it showed me a great time without me having to try.
This evening I watched my final sunset I thought I should be a real tourist and watch from the ‘spot’ in Oia not my hostel roof or my hotel patio. So I frustratedly battled the crowds all the way to the ‘spot’ continued down and found a somewhat quieter area to see the sun set on my final day and journey in Santorini. Again it was beautiful I’m not quite sure what makes it so beautiful but it’s always so dark orange and faultless. So again I sat in awe of its beauty and counted down the seconds until it had disappeared (you do weird things like this when your travelling alone). As the tip of the sun hid behind the horizon the whole crowd (hundreds possibly thousands) applauded, just like at a concert almost asking for an encore. It was incredible, do not get me wrong if people applaud in a movie I’m not impressed but this, this made me emotional. So happy that I actually had to pleasure to see the famous sun sets of Santorini night after night. Granted I have been alone for a month lacking sleep and slightly disorientated but I was moved by the applause.
Santorini was the R&R I required at this point in my trip and delivered way beyond my expectations
Thank you Santorini it has been a pleasure!
(Please excuse my font issues I’m not sure how to fix it on an iPhone)

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  1. Loved hearing about the sunsets swim and the lovely Annax

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