Picturesque Prague



So I decided in Prague to be all on my own. I’ve made no real effort to make friends and it’s been nice. Wandering the small cobbled stone streets on my own has been quite a lovely way to spend the last 3 days.
There is so much live music on the streets it’s impossible not to walk with a smile on your face and a certain spring in your step.

Prague is phenomenally beautiful no doubt about it. A lot of gothic architecture and a huge amount of culture. I have gotten lost a ridiculous amount of times but the best thing about Prague is if you just keep walking you find your way eventually. I have to admit there is nothing that makes me quite as happy as being lost and suddenly finding your way with ease.

I took a tour out to Kutná Hora which is a small medieval town about an hour out of Prague central that has made a large amount of revenue over hundreds of years from mining silver.
In Kutná Hora I ticked off one of my many to do’s which was the ‘bone church’ an ossuary under a chapel that contains hundreds upon hundreds of human bones that decorate the interior of this semi below ground part of the church. It does sound somewhat macabre but it was incredible. I can’t actually find a word that would do it justice. There was nothing scary or yucky about it just a completely astounding different to anything I have seen before. There is a chandelier in the centre if the room which is made up of every bone in the body and it appears to be completely symmetrical.
After being completely full filled after seeing the Bone church I wandered the town of kutná hora with a group of strangers on my tour but nothing else really compared.
Back in the centre of Prague, I didn’t enter the Prague castle it wasn’t completely my style of castle and it didn’t pull me in so I decided to eat lunch along the river and enjoy my own company instead.
The Jewish quarter in Prague was historically incredible. All the synagogues were completely untouched during WWII because Hitler liked the architecture of Prague, and from what I heard walking past a tour group wanted it to be somewhat of an exhibit. I have no idea if this is valid information but considering there are synagogues still standing from the 13th century it’s seems quite fathomable after he destroyed plenty of other cities.
All in all Prague was beautiful, easily accessible and very easy to enjoy!

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