Learning in Lagos

After having 2 buddies by my side stepping foot outside Kabul hostel in Barcelona on my own at 7am was quite confronting. Not only were about 20tourists getting fines for smoking marajuana in public but Barcelona night life only finishes at about 7 in the morning. I quickly jumped into a cab and made my way to the airport

Flight from Barcelona (the most poorly organised check in a passport control I have ever seen). Landed in Lisbon and caught a 4hour train to Lagos

Decided that I was going to have a real backpackers mentality and followed written instructions and walked to the Rising Cock hostel, my home for the next 4 days an no wrong turns no confusion but a very hot half an hour walk with a pack on my back. Character building is what I will call that!

The Rising cock hostel was  very much like a home. They owner was called mumma and she made us crepes everyday for breakfast and a special drink (home made lemon tea)that was meant to be a hangover cure. In my dorm of 10- 5 of the girls were from Melbourne- montmorency and research to be exact and we soon realised we had mutual friends. The girls took me under their wing which was a lovely start my solo trip.

Most days included crepes, beach, sangria, beach, the best Mexican I have ever eaten oddly enough and more beach with a little bit of party on the side.

Unfortunately due to ocean being to rough I missed going on a booze cruise. I still haven’t decided if that was a blessing or a curse and I guess I’ll never know.

All round Lagos is a beautiful sleepy town on the south coast of Portugal the water is cold, the people are great and the only reason they are so sleepy is because Lagos parties until 5am every night. Its crazy!

I headed back to Lisbon for one night before my flight to Prague. I didn’t really see enough of Lisbon to appreciate it and I think after being in Lagos it had a pretty hard act to follow! As far as cities go it has a lot of charm and is on the waters edge which is always a bonus the shopping was also very pleasing!

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