Charismatic Krakow

Arrived early evening in Krakow. Walked from the train station to my hostel- tutti frutti hostel. As I walked down the small road which was foot traffic only I could see a tall spire at the end of the street and I immediately new I was going to like Krakow.  I was situated 100 meters from the market square, I was within the market square when I fell in love with Krakow. The type of love that gives you butterflies in your stomach. If its possible for a small city to make you feel such a way….

I walked straight into the square eagerly anticipating what I was to find. It was more than I expected.  Please note my explanation will not do the amazing area justice.  As I entered the square I came face to face with the an uneven spired St Mary’s cathedral to my right was the cloth market building and between the two, a quaint white with green roof dome church. Around these buildings was a wide space with scattered markets, a fountain and an abundance of restaurants on the edge of the square. I found one of these resturants and positioned myself for some serious people watching and delicious food! Which was so cheap! I’m sure even for the backpacker on the tightest budget they would have found Krakow a breath of fresh air.

After I finishing wining and dining myself I wandered around the beautifully lit square listening to live jazz, watching entertaining buskers and all in all being ridiculously happy with how life has turned out.

I went on a tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau which I imagained for the last few years would be a very daunting and confronting experience. Do not get me wrong it was an eary experience to say the least but the mass scale at which the genacide was is to me un fothomable.  Both Aucshwitz and Birkenau were very busy as it is peak travel season here in Europe  which somewhat took away from how involved you could be come. The places I stood and stories I was told would not be done any justice with my average English skills and poor vocabulary so I will just leave it at that.  I did also visit Oscar Schindler’s factory which is now more a museum than anything but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was more emotional than I had anticipated.

My evening was virtually a direct copy of the previous. Dinner on the edge of the market square beautiful food, music and all together atmosphere. I could have repeated the exact evening for at least 4 nights in a row.

Krakow took me by surprise and knocked me off my feet with its quaint charm and general atmosphere. I was very sad to say goodbye to Krakow, one of my favourite cities so far!


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