Bus trips in Santorini

As I left the safety of Anna’s accommodation. (Galini Oia- Maria’s house was its name) I had granted myself the indulgence of a taxi to port. 


Well well well. Little did I know what I had got myself into! As I got into the mini bus myself as the only passenger the driver pointed to the front seat to which I thought would only be rude to decline! Firstly as I went for the seatbelt – as a true westerner I realised it was broken. So I stared at the large glass windscreen and the cliffs to come and accepted my fate in santorini was to fly through the front windscreen of Mylos’ (the driver) mini bus! Mylos who was very kind then asked if I smoke. Due to my current lone traveller style and what seemed to be my impending death I replied yes. To which he said I was welcome to smoke in his vehicle. I asked if there was an ash tray to which he shrugged his sholders pressed a button and the entry door directly to my right swung open, I assumed this was an accident to which he stated ‘now you can smoke!’ So as the ashfelt below rushed past I thought again it would only be rude if I didn’t!



As I lit a menthol cigarette he then asked if I minded if he smoked to which I replied ‘if I smoke you smoke of course!’ plus it’s Greece as if he wasn’t going to anyway!


To which he pulled out a packet of tabacco and proceeded to ROLL a cigarette whilst driving me down the sheer cliff faces of Santorini.



I’m happy to say I did not go through the windscreen nor did I fall out the side door while in a moving vehicle. I’m now safely at port waiting for my highspeed boat to Ios.



Let’s see what other adventures are instore there!

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  1. That is hilarious!! Now that you made it! I recall being on a big bus going to Linda’s on Rhodos and the elderly Greek lady crossed herself at every corner. Seeking Devine intervention.

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