Amsterdam: where anything goes



After 18 days of manic travel with 2 of my best friends my solo stint has begun.
Because I’m so far behind on my blog pushing a month now I’m going to breeze through all the previous and cover highlights
Left England from Dover on a ferry to France. From here drove through Belgium to Amsterdam. Post arrival we went on a cruise, which was surprisingly classy except dinner and alcohol was included so our class had reduced  by the time the boat docked.
Our accommodation was boat converted into a hotel which was called the ‘Botel’. Very entertaining as was all of Amsterdam.
From the basic ‘cafes’ to the full blown sex shows (no pun intended) Amsterdam was definitely an eye opener in terms of how conservative Australia and majority of the modern world is. The red light district is run by the government and they rent these small ‘booth’ like rooms out to young attractive girls who stand scantily clad taping on their window waving men in.
The sex show was far from what I expected, blank faces and nothing we all didn’t know after reading ‘where did I come from’, in saying that many laughs were had at the expense of those who were chosen to volunteer and those who work there performing interesting acts night after night…
The Anne Frank house the following day was very interesting. With blacked out windows the house encouraged feelings of claustrophobia and entrapment which I had somewhat imagined but not to this degree. To my surprise I did feel more removed than I had anticipated, I assume the house having no furniture does remove the personal aspect that I may have been expecting.
So after enjoying the local ‘culture’ and gorgeous canals of Amsterdam we headed for our bus, which over 12 straight days of touring became our home and safe haven from country to country.

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  1. Great to see your blog up and running, very entertaining so far! A good friend of Ben’s is doing similar adventure so interesting to compare notes. I’m sure you’re enjoying every moment and grabbing every opportuntity, these are memories you’ll have forever.

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