A quick debrief

I expect majority, if not all people who are reading this to be my family and friends… and quite possibly the odd facebook stalker who clicked the wrong link or got lost within Google.

I, as you would know or know now am heading off overseas of 3 and a half months, 104 days to be exact. I have been dreaming of this trip for many years, planning it for the last 6 months and now I have 20 days until I depart.

Apologies in advance to all grammatical/spelling or editorial¬†Nazi’s out there, I am not very careful with my spelling and quite I frankly think life is to short to proof read a blog I am posting to my nearest and dearest. Continued apologies as I’m sure I will swear, make inappropriate statements and make my mother cringe at least once within this blog.

Please feel free to follow my adventure each step of the way, my first stop will be London departing Melbourne on the 23rd of June 2012.

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